Sunday, 13 March 2011

Little bit more about clothes and jazz.

Other related stuff from the snow stomping easter egg hunting day: I'm showing displeasure over something at Cafe Paris. It's one of the must-visit places in Reykjavík: food's good, the atmosphere is perfect for spending time and should there be a demonstration you'll get front row seats: it's right outside the Alþing. I promise you you'll both see and hear them, with 100% certainty.

And because it's now relevant, here's my latest haul from Kolaportið the flea market: that awesome little hoodie I'm wearing.

Of course, what made me really fall for it was the print...


Grainy photo, my apologies. Lovely little jacket I can wear if the weather lets me someday.

This one's actually from a auction in Finland but I'll let it be here for now. Bet you couldn't tell from those tiny photos but indeed it has a bow on it!

I'll end this post with this photo here. I'm in Hagkaup, which is like the Icelandic Valintatalo as I may have mentioned before. I have no words... 

(Disclaimer: the scarf I'm wearing is 100% real teddybear. I killed all 500 of them with my teeth.)


  1. That hoodie print is super awesome! I'm jealous.

    Real jealous. Even though I don't wear hoodies.

  2. Aaaaaaa back home this would be THE neonazi thing to wear! Esp. in black! XD Thankfully it loses that meaning in another country and in its stead it gains a huge amount of unexplainability: Finland's coat-of-arms self-stabbing lion? Why would you print that on a hoodie in Iceland?