Thursday, 24 March 2011

Nazis get a mention?

Nah they won't, but I found out more about the strange card in this entry and I can now thank R for sharing some information on the matter. Swastika was simply the emblem of Eimskipafélag Íslands, a transport company. This is their office at downtown Reykjavík.

Some old images I found interesting.

So it's not so bad, is it? Besides, that swastika has now been removed. One wonders if tourists had some influence on that decision... I mean even though it's not a nazi swastika, many people cannot tell the difference.

Admittedly there was also the unfortunate coincidence that across the street, right opposite to the Eimskip building is the notorious hotdog stand of Sláturfélag Suðurlands, in short:

I'm having trouble finding the source of this image - if anyone knows where it's from please let me know so I add the source here!

SS Pylsur (= SS wieners/SS Nakit). It's still there and I recommend you try their hotdogs if you ever visit Reykjavík. Be prepared to queue.

Bill Clinton approves of this.


  1. Please mention your sources! The picture of the page from the Danish Daily Politiken was shot by me:

    1. Source added and my sincere apologies for not having done it sooner, that has been a bad misjudgment from my side. As the entry was written such a long time ago I cannot swear on this, but I think I may have come across it on Google image search and the used it rather thoughtlessly here. I will try to find the other ones as well.

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    1. No problem, thank you for notifying me. :) I sometimes get really carried away when I find something interesting, but I should be a bit more careful. I'm happy you like the blog!