Sunday, 6 March 2011

Puffin mug.

One day we chanced to walk past a little shop I had never seen before, called Salt og Pipar. We went in and OMG puffin stuffs! And other cute stuffs! Like silicone heart shaped cupcake molds! I had to throw some money in there immediately and walked out with many cute things I could not have lived without, like a puffin pattern dish rag. I'm fairly certain I could not have lived had I not bought it, shut up.

This is (one reason among many of) why Reykjavík is so cool. These people have probably never heard of building regulations. They're absolutely whimsical when designing and building houses. They have a wanton approach to things like windows - hey, we could fit one more in this corner here - stairs - I'm sure it would look better elevated - doors - let's make a hole in the wall aboooooouuuuuuut heeeere etc. I'll take photos, you probably have no idea what level of spontainety I'm talking about here.

The best thing about it is that you can never be sure that you've seen all there is downtown, small as it is. One day you'll turn a corner you've turned hundred times before and realize there's a shop right there with puffin pattern dish rags you've somehow completely overlooked. And you go in and realize it's not only the dish rags and silicone molds, on no, they also have the cutest mugs ever and suddenly you know you're missing a mug in your life and...

Happy Ending!

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