Friday, 18 March 2011

Trinkets of all types.

Some more about my jewellery: I know I already showed them in the wardrobe post but I like jewellery and I like to ramble about the things I like so hey! And after this it's time to clean up the place for the equinox. To make it a bit more challenging I'm supposed to have it done while Snu is at work and today he's off at 12.00...

The golden cross has a clock inside, the lid has a profile of a woman on it. It would be Da Þing if the lid only stayed closed. I'll have to see about tightening it a little.
The next piece is put together out of two separate pieces that I bought because I thought they'd be awesome together. I was right. The same happened with the next piece with the red anchor. IDK where the simple set of pearls came from, could be a thrift find.
The ice cream is self-made and I take pride in that I made it long before such jewellery came in fashion: just how hip is that? Very hip. Hipper than hip. *nodnod*
The camel bone pendant is bought from Sudan while we lived there (I was what, four years old?), if memory serves. The rose next to it is from and the yellow roses pendant was a gift from Snu.

A closer look at my favourite brooch and earrings. Sadly the brooch is broken - the hook for the pin broke clean off after just a few uses. I can still wear it but I'll have to be careful not to a) lose it, b) sting myself to death with it.

The small round earrings are a gift from Angel and came along with the strawberry MM dress. The next pair with enamel painting are fairly old and among my favourites. The ice cream + strawberry cream puff ones were bought from Prettygraffitti so long ago I hardly remembered who they were from.

Alas atm they have no hooks but I'm intending to fix the blue earrings because they're also lovely. The silver hearts don't necessarily need piercings at all, which is good because they're a bit on the heavy side, which you wouldn't believe when you look at them.

At home I have plenty more enamel painting jewellery, something of a soft spot for me, but I couldn't bring them all here. Maybe next time I go back I'll get to bring some more of my stuff here... and some more shoes of course... and maybe that long, big petticoat that would suit my long, white dress so well...

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