Monday, 11 April 2011

12. Your next "must have" purchase?

I know, I tend to make snarky comments on bonnets with HUEG rims, but in reality I'm just jelly and really want a bonnet myself. However, I would like a smaller rim, more fitting and more cover for the head against sunlight and I'd also like it to be a straw bonnet. For summer. I often make accessories myself whenever I fancy something specific, but a Victorian style straw bonnet is out of the reach of my skills. 

Therefore I contacted a bonnet maker and commissioned two bonnets. She's got a bit of a queue, so the estimated time is around May-June. The models are the two shown above, but the decorations are going to be different. I'll let you all know more about these when I get them in my hands!

The bonnet maker is Pamela Robles of Mrs's Parker's Millinery and Mercantile by the way.

...and this. Damn you Rose Melody, why do you do this to me?!!? But I need this set. I NEED it. In this pleasantly patriotic colourway. And once again I cannot make it myself. But I need it. The dress, the shirt and the bolero please. It may be that I'll end up buying these after a while and after some saving of money...

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