Monday, 18 April 2011

Tíu Dropar.

In the post about búningur I mentioned the cafe Tíu Dropar and I felt it deserves an entry of its own. This little cafe is located in the basement of a house on Laugavegur and it's one of the most charming cafes of the whole Reykjavík. The place tends to be full in the afternoon but morning and midday are quiet. Just note that it closes early - at six in the afternoon, if memory serves.

I was ninjaing photos here, trying to not catch any patrons in them because that could be sort of awkward.
The interior is very, extremely Icelandic in style: you'll find a hodgepodge of furniture, walls covered with strange, old art, vintage photography, old maps and embroidery works.

Tíu Dropar has its own system with service. You order at the counter, get some of your order brought to you at the table, but some you get right away. For example, if you were ordering coffee and food, the coffee would be given to you right away and the food brought later on. The shelf here is for everything you might like in your coffee, water, glasses, knives and forks, books for children etc.

Heh, indeed it's in the basement. If you wonder what's going on with the ceiling there, it's just the staircase leading to the upstairs business from the street.

I loooove the lamps!

This is my favourite dish at Tíu Dropar: toasted bread, jam and brie cheese with a cup of coffee. OM NOM.

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