Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Daily random randomness pt 2.

This actually happened last week but I though it bears reminding that sometimes clothes with tags cut off that feel like nylon can actually be made out of wool after all. Sadly I don't have any good photos of how it used to look like before but I was wearing it in this entry here.

Another boarded-up house. This one looks particularly strange. I mean - look at that door. Where's the staircase? Why is there not even a base for it? Or was it supposed to be a French window of some sort? And why do the walls look unfinished? This one's hiding behind a couple of other houses but it doesn't look like anyone's garage project or anything. It just looks like the builder got something better on his mind and just went away.

More urban knitting.

Both of these are suspiciously near that hostel that had knitwork around their door handle...

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