Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sunny day.

Photos from the first summer days we had. It was still cold though so excuse me the double cardigan.

The first two photos have actually been taken after walking downtown for the day. For once my hair stayed pretty much the way I wanted it to, but you know, there are some things that will always do their best to undo all my hairstyling efforts. Namely the wind, often also the sudden bouts of rain that can fall from almost a clear sky.

To compare: this was my hair before we left home. Snu took photos of me, note the kaino-pose, also note I originally thought I could do with only one cardigan.

Our garden apparently belongs to this kitty, who's always lurking around open doors and windows. It's a very cute and friendly cat otherwise, you just have to keep an eye on where it's trying to go.

I'll just end this with this. Old meme is old.

Outfit rundown:
OP: Mary Magdalene
Headdress: selfmade
Shoes: Dinsko, self-modified
Socks: off-brand
Cardigans: fleamarket finds.


  1. KITTY! <3
    and that mary magdalene dress - it looks fabulous on you!

  2. KITTY! indeed, it once jumped in through an open window and Snu had to chase it out! :D In all honesty I'd love to have a cat but I'm allergic, so unless it's one of those allergy-friendly ones I'm SOL.
    I looooove that dress! I've been waiting all winter to wear it because it's such an obvious summer dress!

  3. Kuolaan tuon mekon perään... *drool*

  4. Olin aika onnekas kun sain ostettua sen. Yksi kaveri myi sitä LJ:ssään ja nappasin kiinni niin suurella raivolla että tynnyrillinen dobermanneja olis jääny kepeästi toiseksi!

  5. i have a huuge weakness for strawberries, and that dress is dream! ♥

  6. Hmmmmmmm now to think of a strawberry headdress to go with it. Maybe some jewellery as well, now that I think of it. Most definitely it needs to be accessorized with strawberry cake, too.

  7. Muistan nähneeni tämän mekon mainoksen aikaisemmin, mutta muuten en ole mekkoa bongannut kenelläkään.
    Todella kaunis ja sopii sinulle hyvin!

    (Supersuloinen kissa! <3)

  8. Toi on aika vanha mekko - hellolace sanoo et se on vuodelta 2004 - siksi sitä ei usein näe. Ja kiitoksia!

    (Niiiiiin onnnnnn! <3<3<3)