Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lulupins, IOW a helpful photoshoot guide of what not to do.

Here's just some random lolzy photos from the shoot, but I thought some of them could actually be used as a do-not -tutorial! I'm so very good at the do-nots. I find new ones every day, just ask me if it's clever to do something and I can probably tell why not.

Make sure your photographer doesn't go "ooh shiny!" too easily or instead of yourself the focus turns to aeroplanes etc. Nah, kidding, I only got a couple of aeroplane photos out of it, anyway this photo's just suitably amusing AND shows better than yesterday's photos just how big that field actually was.
No wait, it doesn't show you even half of it...

If you're thinking of going hill-climbing or running around in thickets, wear something else than flimsy MJs. Do. I nearly broke my ankle so many times I don't care to think of it, and even worse, I almost fell face first into them lupins too.

This is super bad because guess what lupins are? Lupins are messy as FAN. The yellow orange pollen gets everywhere and just won't get out no matter what.

Stomp stomp stomp ffffuuuuuuuuu thicket tries to eat skirt...

This photo was just a goof with lighting but it's somehow so awesomely Nordic horror I can't just toss it aside. Any moment now there'll be lupin nazi zombies after me, mark my words.

Still trying to protect my presshuss clothes from the lupins while also trying to stay upright. I kept getting caught in last years dry stalks and that pollen was literally everywhere...

Naturally this is also a common problem - when frolicking in lupins it's better to do it somewhere else than near a popular walking and biking route. Or you know, be prepared to get some stares.


  1. Despite all your don'ts you made me want to frolic around some lupins...:P OK,I'll wear something other than brand, and probably rubber boots as my favorite lupine hill is an adder pitt. The outfit is very lovely as always!

  2. Among the nice things about Iceland is that there seems to be no snakes here. Not that snakes were bad as such, but it is handy when I don't have to eye tall grass as threatening.

    However, and this is a big however - should some Icelander read this and go "wait but we have that deadly manaconda and fairly lethal manaba too", please correct me. Don't think of my pride or self esteem as a blog writer (both of which I don't have anyway), think of my health instead.