Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hekla go boom?

Well, let's hope not, but she's been showing alarming signs lately. Now usually I wouldn't worry too much about volcanoes doing this and whatnots, but Hekla is a little bit special. Number one, she is very near to Reykjavík and deemed potentially dangerous. Number two, she doesn't usually give much of a warning - by the time you notice something the eruption can be half an hour away, as happened in the 70's.

Hekla last erupted in 2000 and a new eruption has been anticipated for some time already. Last evening's earthquakes have been confirmed as being caused by the movement of magma. My favourite volcano- and earthquake blog is keeping everyone updated as well as he's able to, and you can also follow Hekla's activity via his webcam or geophone.

If you've any questions I'll try to answer them as well as I can. And naturally, if something unusual happens I'll be writing about it presto!


  1. pidät sun lolikamppeet pakattuna matkalaukkuun nii ei jää arvokasta brändiä magman alle! HURRY UP


    Jos mun Marymagdalenet jäis magman alle niin kaivaisin ne sieltä vaikka paljain käsin!!!!!!!!