Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One day, one hairstyle.

One day as I went to a loli meet-up I decided to try Iiraliina's wonderful tutorial. Sadly I didn't think of getting proper photos of my hair back then so I decided to remedy the situation by trying my hand at it again, this time with slight variation to the theme.

The first time I tried this I curled my hair with a flattening iron, but since I could prepare for this one better I decided to put curlers in my hair. First stage: morning hair (I slept with them curlers on), make-up done.

Next I straightened the sides and curled my fringe. I didn't do anything more to it yet though so it looks a bit messy at this point.

It's always a good idea to pin away any bits of the hair that aren't being worked on at the moment. Curlers came off and to my absolute dismay the result wasn't as curly as I was hoping for. 

I must say I prefer rag curls...

Oh well, a girl's got to work what girl has been given, and I decided to soldier on. I don't have hair extensions (whooo boy I would like some though!) so I opted for using my own hair and thus you don't get to see any hilarious fighting with trying to attach them symmetrically. Seriously, I've never had hair extensions but I already know it would take me forever to not look lopsided with them on.

Otherwise I did exactly as in the tutorial. Next up is brushing through the curls and teasing the hair, then brushing it neat again to gain volume. After that I also teased the fringe and combed it into place. Iiraliina pinned hers back in the tuto but I prefer to leave it out, else the mere height of my brow will destroy planets and cause shortage of happiness throughout the nation. Norly if it were any higher I would be balding. :D

In the next stage I made a mistake: I pinned the sides of my hair front-to-back whereas Iiraliina pins her back-to-front. I seem quite happy though so perhaps this is all good.

However, the curls died a horrible death. Next time I'll definitely make rag curls! DX 

It's also impossible to gain the same amount of soft fluffiness of Iiraliina's tutorial with my natural hair. It's just too slippery and thin for than. ;^; My hair's also too short for the last part of the tutorial, where it should be pinned up and around a huge rose. Instead I just teased it more until it remained me of my wild years as a punk, brushed it tidy and pinned it to the back instead.

My hair accessories tend to be a lot simpler too but I felt I needed to balance the lack of poof with less ornaments.

The end result does not look too shabby, even if I say so myself.

I didn't even know I had that cheeky curl to the side. :D I kind of like it. Now to wonder how I could ever make it reappear if I tried this style again...

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