Monday, 11 July 2011

Photoshoot at Þingvellir.

Here's a little something that I've been neglecting long enough: a photoshoot we took at Þingvellir last year. I've been meaning and meaning again to go edit those photos but today I finally did it, and then out of a random idea slapped them on a video and added a nice song and lo! and behold! it sort of sucks as a vid. :D Well, what was I expecting. However, I thought it might still be interesting and no matter if the video itself isn't that awesome, the models totally are!

JSKs, skirt and headdress made by me. Song is called Fyrir söngelskar sálir and the singer's name is Ragnheiður Gröndal. 


  1. Choice of music = 500000% approved
    Something about models in loli clothes in contrast with Icelandic nature stuff is pretty overwhelming. Also I think I'm in love with K's shoes, she should watch out, because I might elope with them magically. : O

  2. I love this song. It was randomly playing in the back when I started editing the photos and somehow it just felt so right for them.

    I will let her know to look out for romantically minded shoe loving tourists.

  3. Loving the song, pics and the scenery.

    Perhana, mun tekee niin mieli Islantiin. Kaikki noi harmaan sävyt ja vesi ja kalliot jajajaja....

  4. Tule tule ihmeessä! Mulla on täällä vierashuonekin. :3333 Paitti että Islantiin kannattaa oikeestaan tulla käymään vaan kesäisin, talvi alkaa lokakuulta, kestää huhtikuulle ja on aika kurjaa ja synkkää aikaa...