Friday, 5 August 2011

My day in pictures.

Here's another meme, from Zeruda again, my day in pictures.


I wake up and kick Snu. Then I make coffee and zombie around a bit while Snu gets ready and leaves for work.


I washed dishes. This is no part of my regular routine but that day it somehow happened. This meme may have prompted me to be a bit more active than normal, to be honest...


I comb my face and dress up in my "lounging around home" -clothes.


I continue being a good housewife and change the sheets. It's one thing I dearly miss from home, sensible sheets with holes for hands at the other end, something no other country has seemingly picked on. This logically means we'll end up with plenty more Moomin sheets as time goes by, mark my words...


Finally dress-dressed up. I study languages IOW read Harry Potter in Icelandic.


While the morning goes on I tend to hang around outside of the house too. If for no other reason then keeping an eye on the neighbour's cat who habitually poops in the flowerbed.


I leave to go shop for groceries. The shop I like to go to is about 1 km away so I always walk. That awesome Space Invaders sweater belongs to Snu but I often borrow it because, even though I made it myself, I have to admit it's dead cool.


Back. The rain here starts without a warning, but my sweater kept me completely dry underneath it. You can see the "waterline" in my skirt.
I also took a photo of my groceries because I always find foodstuffs from other countries interesting. Even after living here for a year now. Yes.


I eat a snack. I do eat a lot more than this during the day but I didn't have a photo of my breakfast and lunch. However, the snack consists of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet ryebread with too much butter on it and dried fish.


I work. There's always something I can sew.


A letter from Shaana appeared!

17.00 - 19.00



Time for an evening walk.


Even moar internet. Nyan cat game most addictive.


Evening tea. I love tea and I love pretty teacups.


Going to bed. This happens sometime between 23.00 and 24.00.


  1. Toi on ihan oikeesti cool toi villatakki :D Ja mä muute tykkään tällasista postauksista.

  2. Asio Otus: Khiits khiits niin munkin mielestäni, tosiaan... öhöm höhöm. ´v´

    Cinna: se on SMJÖRVI. Btw "pilli" on islanniksi "rör" mikä jostain syystä jaksaa huvittaa mua aina. :D

  3. Mitä, olen tyrmistynyt, eivätkö pohjoismaalaiset serkkumme Islannissa muka käytä pussilakanoita? Seuraavaksi kai käy ilmi ettei siellä tunneta kuivauskaappiakaan. Tai naisten äänioikeutta.

  4. On niillä, mut niitten pussilakanat on kirjaimellisesti pusseja, eli niissä eli oo kädenreikiä pussipäässä. Suuri ankeus!

  5. That statue looks like it wants to creep on the letter!

  6. I think she's just reading the envelope...