Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Needlepoint lace in puffin.

So during last weekend I also managed to make this despite all that communal bathing and square watermelons. It's my first try at needlepoint lace ever, so excuse its ugliness - regardless, it was really fun to make and now I have a piece of puffin lace! I'm thinking of perhaps making another piece soon, now that I've got all the first-timer's mistakes done. :D


  1. It's not ugly at all, it's lovey! It would be great to see another piece, when you have time. What will you do with this one?

  2. Most importantly, it has a puffin! XD Next one might be a rose, or a cake. Or perhaps another puffin? Puffin with a rose in its beak? Puffincake with roses? The possibilities are endless!
    I'm not certain what I'd do with this one. I'm thinking of maybe buying a cardigan of some solid colour and sewing it on it.

  3. Thank you! ^^ I'm planning to make some more now, the patterns are already drawn and prepared!