Saturday, 17 September 2011

11: One day of my lolita life in pictures.

Indeed, let us commence with that meme!

In the mornings I'm woken up by my hordes of invisible servants I call "shrews".  I've been meaning to update my bed from black and white but doing that always feels like I'm just trying to adapt to modern society, so I keep putting it off - besides if Sleeping Beauty slept in bXw bed then it really cannot be wrong. I sleep in cotton candy nowadays because I can and because I want to. Shame about sticking to my blankets afterwards but hey, sometimes style beats purpose.

I get dressed, once again assisted by my shrews that are not always invisible. I don't mind them ghosting it up while I'm asleep but awake and moving about my castle it would be quite annoying to trip over a maid. However, they don't like to show their true faces so I've allowed them to take on the fairest appearance they can think of, because sometimes the lady has to humour her servants, especially good ones like these. What would I do without them - choosing my own eye shadow and shoes - that would just be cruel!

Being a seamstress, I also gather materials for new outfits and widen my wardrobe by any means necessary. A girl needs a hobby after all and your curtains are but a small sacrifice to fashion, trust me on this. You'll thank me afterwards when you see me in my newest creation I'm sure.

I eat only pastel colours and drink washing liquid straight during the summer and because these photos were taken a while ago, that's all I can show. Now that it's autumn I've already moved to eating leaf gold, donuts and puffins, so had I posted these pictures sooner they would have been more accurate, my apologies. I can make it all up for you by posting pictures of my winter meals come December, they include mostly sugar cubes, royal icing and sleet.

In the evenings I like to amuse myself with a little walk, to get the days worries off my shoulders so to speak. 
Being perfect is such a lot of work.


  1. Upea, ihanan kekseliäs postaus <3 Viimeinen kuva on suosikkini, tahdon sen kehystettynä seinälleni! :D

  2. Really clever!

    Aivan upeaa oikeasti :D Todella omaperäistä!

  3. Aie: kiitosta! :D Näitä oli hauska väkertää.

    Asio Otus: kiitosta sinnekin, vakuutan että kaikki älykkyys tässä postauksessa on lukijan mielikuvitusta. :DDD

  4. Just how cool was that. Seriously, awesome :'D.

  5. HajaMiel: always happy to share my amazing and wonderful life! :DDDDD


    Milloin siitä tulee leijumispostaus? :D

  7. Dat Puppet Circus indeed! :D Eiks tätä voi laskea leijumiseksi jo? No hitsi, täytyy sitten kai vähän heruttaa.