Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm back and I'm bringing pretty cups!

Apologies for the blog silence, real life got in the way. However, there are new babies in the collection that I wanted to show you so that couldn't wait any longer. :D 
The clock is not mine, rather it belongs to bf's clock collection.

Here are some totally necessary items that Snu got me one day from the flea market. Boy he knows me so well. :3 He also got that amazing cup in the back, possibly as a counter strike to my cup collection ("all that porcelain in just one piece and it probably fits more tea as well").

Detail shots. 

And even more detail shots! This little beauty caught my eye because it did look and feel rather special, even if it was a bit worn. Stamp says - ok this one's the most confusing one ever but here goes:

First there's a stamp in blue. It has a small crown, a large letter F and below that the text fürstenberg.

Stamped on top of that in grey is 
and a simple coat-of-arms.

Written on top of that is the text "HELENE" (on the underside of the cup) and "HELENE 15-3-44" (underneath the saucer).

Another amazingly lovely cup. Stamp in green, first is a crown and then the text:

Besides this the cup has a number 1 and the saucer 58 in gold.


  1. Oooh, sum pretty cups again! The rosy one is mah favorite this time, so prettey :3.

  2. Oh it is! I love the brushwork looking roses (whut I cannot brain to explain it better apologies) and the little details, like the bottom of the cup!

  3. Oh yes, the bottom part is so prettey! And the "ear-thing" too, fits the roses so well :D.