Friday, 30 September 2011

Some postcards again.

I found yet one more Fjallkona! Actually I found two but the other one seemed too wimpy for my tastes and lacked all her usual attributes, wearing a toga and holding a laurel wreath instead, phoo. I, however, want Fjallkonan with some weapons please, and this one's quite warsome even for her. I mean look at that scroll. It's just lying there on her lap as an afterthought and will probably be forgotten the moment she decides to whoop someone's ass. Awesome viking era -style sword-shied-helmet combo by the way. There's that star, now as a pendant, and a belt that looks very much like what the national garb has, and even a gyrfalcon (the national bird of Iceland). Me gusta.

However, another thing I like about it a lot is actually the text behind it. I know, it usually puts down the value if someone's written on it but there's something oddly charming about these short little messages written in old-fashioned cursive. This card simply says: "Have a happy summer and thanks for the winter!" in Icelandic. What's more, the address is simply "Unhól" and nothing else.

This card was sent to a fröken H. sans surname, whose whole address was Siglufjörður. The card itself is cute to no end and I want to do my hair like that, if I only found out how. The text congratulates her on her birthday on the 1st April 1917 and is signed by Jóna.

I'm a sucker for this exact type of cards, can you tell? This card was, coincidentally, sent to a lady of the same first name as the previous one, only this one also has a surname included and is addressed to Hafnarfjörður. Likely a different fröken methinks. 

This is - surprise - a Christmas card! The Icelanders have apparently never thought that a card would need to have a Christmassy picture for it to be completely ok to send around that time, and same goes actually for everything else. Cards can also be sent for about just any reason. "Happy summer holiday!" "Happy Friday, thanks for the previous Wednesday!" "Have great fun for the coming week!" Below any line like this, simply a signature and that's all that the card has written on it besides the address. :D

Anyway, this one's got a bit longer message on it. It's dated 24-12-23 and then has a long and elaborate wishing-well for the coming year, signature Ingibjörg and then something about a summer present? IDK I can hardly make out the writing and it's written with the old rules of spelling, so it's really quite challenging to me! Anyway, the idea of a summer present is awesome. :D


  1. Aren't they though? I sure wouldn't mind getting cards like these for Bobmas, no matter how inappropriate they might seem. XD