Sunday, 27 November 2011

At Kolaportið again.

Today me & Marty had a table at the main fleamarket and boy it was an awesome day. I'm so tired not I cannot being to describe it but fun was had, and the ladies whose booth was right opposite to ours were pretty awesome as well. Have a nice trip to Italy!

The above was how I looked like. I figured it would advertise our table exactly to the people who would be most interested in its contents, and this part of the plan surely worked. Or at least got us some stares. I'm wearing:

Dress: VM Beth
Shirt: vintage
Headdress: by (LJ nick) redtonic 
The rest: random

I noticed a funny tendency in Icelanders. You know how, when you're wearing lolita, people try to guess why you're doing it? Or at the very least they try to assume it's because you're X or Z, right? For me this has usually included something from carnivals, masquerades or an oncoming wedding, but Icelanders have their own assumption that I've never ran across before. "You're a doll!" "You're a real doll!" "Are you a doll?" The last one was asked by a little girl about age four. Awwwwww... ;v;

I cannot believe this one didn't sell though. Drop me a note in case of interest, I'll contact the Marty and let you know her terms. SOLD.

Annnnnnd this is what I got! Cost me approx 1.70$. You may notice it in one of the above photos and sure enough, I bought it from Marty. All day long people looked at this dress with keen interest but no one bought it so at the end of the day I successfully gained it by some daring throwing off of money to Marty's direction. It fits like a reindeer-y dream!

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