Saturday, 10 December 2011

10th Dec: International Lolita Day.

My apologies for being late today! I promise to make up for it in lolitas. Earlier this month there was a small meet-up on the International Lolita Day. We met up at Cafe Paris, me & Marty fashionably late while we tried desperately to find a parking space (besides we were already running a bit late which made everything a touch more embarrassing), there were nommy eats and some photo-taking outside in the freezing cold.

F looks ever so cute in that IW no actually VM, my apologies - cross print dress.

This is all her own hair by the way. Wig-users, eat your heart out! In fact everyone eat your hearts out! :D

No really, this is one of the loveliest hairstyles I've ever seen in lolita. Charming, elegant and relatively simple, but might require someone else to help you make it.

Marty w coat and without coat, admire that pretty Moitie's Ritual will you. 
No, bow deeper. You wanna.

[coolface] And ahem, moi. That's AP's Puppet Circus I'm using as an underskirt. [/coolface]

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