Monday, 12 December 2011

12th Dec.

Reykjavík as seen from somewhere near Mosfellsbær.

This is now Iceland for most part of the day. You can see at this page here when the sun comes up and when it goes back down, and to help out with the translations (never, ever, ever trust Google in translating Icelandic, it cannot perform!) sólris means sun-up. Birting's dawn, sólarlag means sunset and myrkur is darkness. In the most pessimistic way of reading this one could say we have daylight from 11.10 a.m. to about four in the afternoon. 

Last winter was really depressing for me because of this. I have tendency to wintertime depression and Reykjavík had very little snow, which makes everything just that much darker. Thankfully this year things have been a little different:

Please stay, snow!


  1. Honestly I'm surprised you get that much daylight... looked and Iceland isn't as far north as I thought, though. Still, less than 4 hours is not very much.

    I'm much less depressed if I take a lot of vit. D when the days are getting shorter.

  2. Cod liver oil for the win! Except the taste makes me gag a lot. Even the thought of it almost made me gag. On a second thought I think depression's ok in comparison...

  3. *twitches* fish oil... ew. Um, I get tablets!

  4. Ooh, snow, why won't it stay T___T.

    And thumbs up for the new look of the blog! The header is awesome~

  5. It's raining now. Probably the snow will be all gone by tomorrow. ;^;

    Thank youuuus~ it was definitely about time to have a new look. :D