Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6th Dec.

My, such an old photo! :D

Today's entry will be all about my current favourite seasonal thing. Iceland being Iceland, it works for every season, but now especially I'm practically living in them: the Icelandic knitwear.

I made the above sweater roughly about a year ago and it's proved to be very warm and useful and oh my, yes, the round collar of the basic sweater sits around the shoulders like a dream. It's hard to describe how good this style actually looks but it does, oh indeed it does! I'm quite in love with the local wool that knits into such fiercely weatherproof surface that an hour walking in a rain did not get through it. It's also the thing to wear in the winter, and I've seen some locals go by without a coat but wearing two sweaters on top of each other. I'm not as tough as they are, so I'll not say anything about how well that idea works.

However, the point of today's calendar is them knittings and especially patterns! I chose some of my favourites from Ravelry (all not strictly Icelandic as in made by Icelanders but the style is the same), most of them free for grabbing, so in case of interest just grab a pair of needles and make yourself something really flattering and cute. :D

First for the ones that are available for free:

The following patterns have a price but none of them are too expensive IMO:

For the people back home, happy Independence Day! May the presidential ball tonight be full of outrageously ridiculous dresses! And don't forget to BURN THEM CANDLES LIKE A MOTHA or you know, celebrate it well and with passion. The wildest of you may also put a flag on the window in addition to them candles and if you're particularly daring I think there might be Unknown Soldier on in the tv later on today. Maybe. Possibly.

In any case, enjoy your day off while I'm doing my grammar exam! *grumble grumble*

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