Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cafe Kakkugalleria, Helsinki.

Kakkugalleria had been recommended to me countless of times by various people so naturally I had to go and try it. A quick look at their web pages tells me they now have at least four cafes around Helsinki, but the one I went to is on Fredrikinkatu 41. 

As you can see, I had quite awesome company on the wall. :D
By interior Kakkugalleria is an extremely Finnish cafe. Very plain, simplified to the maxx, complete with linen items and decorated with some random creative ideas. It's design makes it an ideal place for large groups of people.

Here's what's so special about the place: they sell their cakes in half slices. That is, when you buy a slice you can either have only one type of cake, or two. They also have an eat-all-you-can buffet!
I had lemon meringue pie and strawberry tartelette. Om nom.

Look at them. Just LOOK at them! This is what I desperately miss from my home country, the cakes. Apologies Iceland, I'll change my mind when I find a cake serving place even close to the level of Kakkugalleria.

The selection of tea is also noteworthy!

I duly sampled it too.

Another photo of the interior. Yup, very plain. Be prepared for this in Finland (nnnngh I just got a bit homesick)! :D

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