Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New cups for my collection!

Another reason to really, really thank myself for once being stupid and impulsive and ending up meeting my BF. :3 I swear, that man is dang awesome. I could count you the ways but it would take forever, so instead have a look at what he bought me from Kolaportið!

The first cup: marking TOA inside a diamond at the bottom.

More detail of the decorations. I have to admit I really love the over-the-top style.

Here's what makes this cup so special to me, though. The shape! OMG the shape!

The saucer is equally lovely.

Annnd a detail shot that I managed to wrangle out of my camera after way too many "macro the saucer NOT my skirt"-moments.

Here's the other one. This one simply says JAPAN at the bottom.

The decoration is only on one side, and someone's painted "Gudhjem" underneath the rose.

Backside - no decoration except for the relief border.

The saucer! Aaaaaaaa so pretttyyyyy!

Detail shot of the decoration.

I don't know why, but both of these cups somehow remind me of my childhood and especially the summers when we'd go and visit one of my grandmas (I had three: the usual ones plus a great-gran). Somehow looking at them makes me immediately think of light summer curtains, coffee outside at a garden table and squeaky, old swings. Of how tall hay smells like in sunlight, or how wind from over the lake feels like on the face. Of a well in the garden that you'll have to pump for a while before any water comes out of it, of the sound of cows in the nearby field and the scent of the tall lilac bushes behind the swing.
Ahem. Apologies for the ramble.

Naturally the book was also among the things he bought me... I can't help but wonder if this is a hint at how I could pay him back. :D


  1. Such lovely tea cups. Congratulation on finding them, they are very beautiful.

    1. Muhaha, congratulate me on catching that BF - he found them, hunted them down and dragged them to the home cave! :D Much agreed on all adjectives concerning the cups. The only way to make them look better would probably be by filling them with tea...

  2. Thank you, and very much agreed! ^^

  3. Aww, so cute again! You must take picture of where are you keeping them all xD.

    1. Hahahahah aaaa no, that's a bit do not want! :D They're all stuffed on a top shelf and in random piles. One day I shall own a cupboard for proper display.