Thursday, 23 February 2012

These are a few of my favourite things...

I know this entry is wayyyy late, but it needed to be done. Lookie my Bobmas pressie from K and G! I had a teapot before but it was a cheapo Tiger one, nothing much to look at and nothing special for tea brewing either. This one's a whole different beast altogether.

First of all it's so lovely I want to jump around every time I use it, which means every day several times a day. Second of all it's very good for its purpose too. It's easier to clean than the old one, fits more tea and I may be hallucinating a little but I still think tea tastes better when done in this one. I know there are many specialists among You, dear readers, so feel free to correct me as much as you like.

I've forgotten which tea this is but I'm putting my bets on Oriental Rose from The Ounce, another Bobmas pressie, this one from Evanee of E.T. Thank you so much, all of you!

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