Thursday, 5 April 2012

Reviw for LJ nick xkahax.

As mentioned before, this dress needs a review like, right now. If you'd like to read the short version it would be EVERYTHING AWESOME NO COMPLAINTS but if you want more details than that please head onward.

Here's the backside. All photos can be clicked larger as per usual.

I love that print to bits by the way. Beside that, this dress is of very nice quality - just look at that lace!

No complaints with the other details either.

This is my own least favourite thing to do when sewing: attaching zippers. It warms my heart to see such quality workmanship.

All seams are serged.

And here's the loops of the lacing, sturdy and very well made. Without further ado, comm_sales style feedback list:

Type of feedback: positive OMG
Communication: 5/5
Accuracy of the item: 5/5 because I can't put 6/5 for the dress being even lovelier IRL
Was the item shipped when agreed upon: yes. It was delayed a little on my end when the customs decided to wear the dress and prance around like little princesses kept it for several days for reasons unknown no rly they were totally prancing around wearing it
Packaging: 5/5
Overall experience: 100000000000000000000/5 I loved buying from this seamstress and will likely buy more of her items!


  1. Replies
    1. Do you happen to have the EGL Sales link to her comissions? It looks so stunning?*-*

    2. Shiva: Thank you, and I agree! I love all her work.

      Vanvi_vi: The best place to go see the whole range of her items would probably be her FB (Lady Sloth):

      And here's a link to egl_comm_sales:

  2. Ohmyy, such an amazing dress~~ ÖwÖ

    1. It is! When I first wore it I was considering marriage and I do mean marrying the living daylights out of that dress!