Saturday, 5 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day at Nexus

Apologies for the short blog silence, the spring exams have been taking my time and energy lately. Now that the worst one of them's done with (two more to go next week and then I'll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) I'm returning back to things like dressing up in loli, socializing and eating. And visiting random awesome occasions that have happened in Reykjavík, like today's Free Comic Book Day at the local manga etc. central Nexus.

I arrived at the scene about an hour after it had begun. The queue, it was amazing.

Regardless the place assured no one would have to leave empty handed but recommended that everybody get to the place in time.

A panorama to better fit in everything. Indeed, their sign is missing an E.

The DJ was Möbus, looking superrr here on the left, and in case you'll ever want to hire a DJ in Reykjavík this is your choice #1. During the short time I spent at Nexus today I heard f.ex. the Imperial March (Star Wars), I Can Make You a Man (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and the My Little Pony opening tune.

Besides these there were other activities all around the place. The handing out of free comics happened outside but the stores around were open as well. I visited the game shop and stared rudely at people painting figurines, and then hopped inside Nexus to see what was up. However, it was so packed with people I quickly gave up and tried fresh air with less elbows in my ribs instead.


Some happy customers.

And lastly this is what I wore. Detail shot is of the plaits I used to tie those pigtails, that's all my own hair, folks!

JSK: selfmade
Shirt: vintage
All else: off brand

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