Thursday, 21 June 2012

Idle hands, you know how it goes...

...oh sweet Bob what have I done. Ahem. I had a random idea of dressing up in kimono even though I had no particular reason to do so, and then I did just that. Only the dressing part didn't go quite according to the keikaku because a) that obi is damn slippery and soft and b) I don't think I've ever tied a otaiko musubi on my own sans help before. This obi, even though I love it to pieces, was not the easiest one to practice on, no.

Besides for some reason I really hate looking at daruma when I'm failing something repeatedly.

Lol angle is lol. My iromuji is not exactly good for summer use because it's lined and kind of warm but still. There's one mon in the neck which you could see if my hair (apologies for the lack of effort in that part) wasn't in the way, and that obi is this one.

Oh and as a secret between just you, me and the internet: this outfit took two laundry pins to complete. They're not in the photos anymore though so stop looking.


  1. I'd want to have a pretty kimono too ;__;. They are so pretty... in last years Tracon (or some con anyway) I was in a kimono workshop where they tried to teach how to dress such a thing.. ...I remember nothing 8D.

  2. True enough, learning it once does nothing. I've learned it now Bob knows how many times and I still have to read up on it online before I do it. :D