Friday, 1 June 2012

Sunny day by the river.

Snu was working on a project of his and as a little side extra there was a small photoshoot at Elliðarárdalur near the hydroelectric plant.

The water was SO WARM you guys! But due to the fact that the stream is quite powerful, despite its small size I would never attempt swimming there. ^^;

Here's the outfit so you can actually see what I'm wearing:

All offbrand, the scarf is made by the LJ nick blondedebates in a craft swap!

And because I took a while to climb onto those rocks and back, there was a massive amount of more or less hilarious shots of the process. Proceed at own risk.


  1. Looks like scenes from a Ghibli movie! Glad you finally made it to the end of the rocks XD And back again too!

  2. Hahahahahaha that's way too flattering! XD And yeah, it was an amazing adventure. I was often afraid but I knew I could not give up - A WOMAN'S DREAM IS TO FIND HER HAPPINESS or at least a nice rock to sit upon. XDDD