Sunday, 8 July 2012

And we're heading towards the next war. Delightful isn't it.

1930's inspired otome goes next (yes I'm indeed selecting styles that best fit the suitable length of skirt of a chosen era). Damn people, next time I get the brilliant idea of making finger curls/waves someone please stop me. I'm lucky I did not actually live in the 30's because I would have had permanent bad hair day throughout the decade.

All fur in the following entry is skinned off 500 teddy bears, and I murdered each one of them myself. With a spoon. 
Kidddingggg. There were only 499.

Thank you for watching, stay tuned for the forties!

Skirt + overskirt/hoodie/thingabob: selfmade
Shirt, shoes, necklace: vintage
Hat: Fox Cherry
All else: offbrand

It's a camera! Oh my!

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