Thursday, 16 August 2012

Been to PRKL!

A local shop here called Suomi PRKL! Design (Laugarvegur 27, Reykjavík) sells Finnish design. Since one of the owners is a classmate and a friend of mine I pop by this place somewhat regularly and OMG this stuff!

This smoke detector now lives at our place. :3
If it goes off unnecessarily it can be turned off simply by pressing it. Goodbye towel swishing, goodbye cursing the air blue while climbing on the nearest chair to reach the alarm, hoping it won't fall and kill you!

Hnnnngggg I know I shouldn't and I know I needn't but...

And another of the same sort. Shouldn't, needn't, WANT.

Ok here's where I fell again because these soaps just smell so good and I had just ran out of my Lush soap. I bought the blue one that's called "Saaristo" (= archipelago). It just... smells so good. And I was already buying that smoke detector. It could have happened to anyone. Honestly.

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