Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tracon 7, part 1!

So hi, I haven't disappeared or anything, I've just been to Finland to visit Tracon7. It was a great trip and the convention was loads of fun and awesome cosplayers. I took so many photos that there's no way I'd ever be able to fit them all in one post or even two, so I'll just post them in parts for as long as I can go. 

Kusuri-uri, he's such a favourite character of mine that whenever I see someone cosplay him I hunt them down for photos, no exceptions! And an amazing outfit this was.

Team Fortress 2? The spy? Those tentacles were even more impressive irl - all those details.

Hiya there Finland! We had lunch with him.

Some Madoka is a must. QB most disturbing.

I swear I didn't take these photos and I've very little idea of what's going on here. :D Thing is that I went to the loo and left my camera with le bf and this may or may not have happened then.

Now I wanna know which one won...

France and England, cosplayers like these two make me feel sadly inferior. Another case of OMG DETAILS.

Cute nyotalia Norway!

*deep breah*

Ahem. Another character that I'll track down through a convention if I know someone's going to be cosplaying. Oscar is so awesome and so is she.

A cute lolita was also caught along the way.

Fauns! Amazing ones! The male one totally bested us at genjutsu though...

...which probably means that now is the time to spill the beans about my outfits. I kept them secret because I like secrets and anyway after being very, extremely vocal about hating Naruto for years I could never have taken all that ridicule ahead of time. It just so happened that in the summer I accidentally the whole Naruto in two days, therefore jounin Kakashi and anbu Kakashi happened on Saturday. For Sunday we were young Scrooge McDuck and Goldie O'Gilt.

Sadly we didn't think of getting photos of the outfits ourselves but we did visit the photo service corner on both days so eventually we will appear on aniki.fi's photoalbums. Yis.

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