Friday, 19 October 2012

Kimono day!

Today was a kimono day again. I added an extra layer both for colour and comfort - it was really cold today, the ground was all frosty in the shadows.

It's that lovely brown komon kimono again that I've fallen in love with recently. :3 As per my age I should probably be wearing a little bit brighter colours but I can't help it - I really love muted, dark colours and especially browns. Let's hope my obis help there a bit.

That hair was surprisingly easy to make too. First divide your hair in two pigtails. Plait them. Pin them into round shapes, the amount of turns you can make depends on the amount of hair you have to work with. Attach at least one rose in the middle of each hair circle (I also added that brown rose band with pearls that I use so often that you're probably all tired of seeing it by now :D).

As for the obi, I used my self-made hanhaba obi. The knot is an "upside-down" variation of a tateya musubi; I found instructions for it somewhere in the depths of online but now of course I cannot find them again. 

However, it would look better with a fukuro obi that gives more volume for the knot and a longer tesaki "fan" to stick up from it. Besides fukuro obis are often stiffer and the folds that are practically nonexistent in my tesaki would be better seen. -.-

Oh well, every knot teaches you how to tie it better. Now to make the most out of it!

Photographer: "Fall down the stairs!"
Kaino: "Ok!"

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