Monday, 18 February 2013


The other day I found out to my great surprise that I actually have my furisode here in Iceland! I was so certain I had left it in Finland, after all it weighs a ton and I'm not about to lug it between countries, since luggage weight limits mean I have priorities. But somehow our wardrobe is the portal to Narnia Finland and so I have the kimono. Mysterious, but there you have it.

 I really should rather have white tabi. The reason that I don't is that the only pair of tabi I currently own is a) pink and b) disappeared so I had to make do with what I have. It's the same pair I wore to Japan festival not long ago, you can easily see them by clicking the kimono tag and going back a couple of entries to a brown kimono + pink obi combo.

Wearing a furisode is a lot of work by the way. I really would not recommend anyone to try to do it alone, although you must remember I'm not very good at wearing kimono yet so my opinion may be biased. I mean I almost ragequit several times while putting it on and even then I now see several things I should have done better:

- I wore a binder and a towel around my waist but it was not enough. I need more padding for the waist, curse my "curves" (they're all in my butt, hence the quotation marks).

- I need a better obiage. That red silk one is pretty but it's way too thin. Furisode coord has to be effing showy!

- Some new obijimes would be good too, although this one's ok-ish.

- Wait why am I listing these things, I'm way too old to wear a furisode anyway?

- Neverm, wearing a furisode is wonderful practice for wearing kimono, even if you're not going to wear it anywhere. It's so difficult, to name one reason, that you'll never get annoyed at putting on an ordinary komon ever again.

- Lol I lied yeah you'll get annoyed. BUT you'll know it could be so, so much worse!

(Btw first I don't post for ages and then I suddenly just flooooooooood the blog with photos, wth is up with that?)


  1. Well I know nothing of kimonos nor furisodes, but to me it does look good! Should your hips be the same size as your waist while wearing this? The towel and all... o_O

    1. Haha, not really, the problem's a bit higher up: my wide hips and bubble butt cause the top of the obi to sort of "dig in", and if I don't fight this by padding the end result is that my boobage will flow over the obi. Depending on what type of kimono I'm wearing this is on the scale of Meh to Um, No and with kimono as formal as furisode we're indeed at the Um, No end of scale. :D

  2. One of those kimono things I will never ever have the chance to try, furisode dressing... perhaps I'll get a kurotomesome one of these days. I'm an old married crone ;_;

    To me the biggest challenge is that you're pretty much not supposed to wear any taiko variation with a furisode. That knot is not girly or festive enough, and you can't tie a tateya or a fukura suzume alone without a biyosugata. Hard!

    1. Lol and I'm 33, not exactly the right age ever again! :D The knot was supposed to be a fukura suzume but I couldn't get the ends to stick out far enough (to make those bow-like "wings", if you click that one pic larger you'll see)... it also had a bad habit of unraveling midway into tying it, a real nightmare musubi to tie.

  3. Oh my gosh Ö______Ö.
    How BEAUTIFUL is that??

    1. As furisode go I agree it's really pretty! ^^