Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It was a sunny day.

Sorry about the recent onslaught of kimono. I promise to get back to lolita - as soon as the weather warms up a bit. It's already really sunny and the days are growing longer, which has already made my seasonal dep evaporate somewhat. The added energy levels that it's giving me are what's resulting in these random photoshoots.

It's that pre-WWII kimono again. It's not a furisode, although this one clearly was made for a young woman judging by the lining, the long-ish sleeves are typical for kimono of that era. It's a bit difficult to handle them though, since neither of my juban fits them; the other one has furisode length sleeves which are way too long, the other one's sleeves are short. The latter one is what I tend to wear with this kimono.

Here's the obi in close-up, it's a bit flashy but I was feeling what-tha-hey and decided to dress up the whole kitsuke a little bit. Not as fancy as the previous one, mind, just a little bit extra.

MYSPACE frontview for the collar combo.

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