Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Random kitsuke again.

It was such a bright day it inspired me to try a semi-formal coord. Iromuji is not a formal kimono but I thought if I spiced it up a little - and that's pretty much what happened.

Side view. I like how nicely I got the collar to dip down at the back of the neck this time. I mean we're not talking maiko deep, just a bit, but I often have trouble getting even that little bit to stay in place.

That's my fukuro obi by the way. I just realized no one reading this blog has probably seen it before.

Then with an added haori because have I told you I really, really love this haori? Anyway, even though it was cold outside I was almost feeling hot at this point. Today isn't windy at all in Breiðholt and the sunlight + several layers of lines kimono -combination was almost too much.

Finishing off with a close-up. That collar is just a haneri but I think it looks rather nice. I tried to go for a plum flower theme with the hair decorations (I really do love a massive amount of hair accessories and not only with lolita) just for the same of February.

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