Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lolita meme in kimono.

I remember this meme I did aaaages ago about the details I most love in lolita (which cuts, prints etc.) so I thought, why not make one about kimono as well? 

To start with, if some of these colours are involved I'll probably love it:

All shades of teal. I have no specific preference here, as long as it's a warm greenish blue I'm going to love it.


Dark brown and very light brown/beige.

Dark violet/purple and pale lilac.

Dark green and pale/mint green.

Sapphire blue and pale yellow.

In other words I tend to love both ends of the extreme, the darkest and the lightest possibility, and my favourite combos would have one of these dark shades combined with a light one - dark brown and light greenish blue, sapphire blue and pale yellow, pale lilac and dark green - any such combo of the above options.

Then there's the patterns. My favourites include:

Yabane. This one's a definite favourite.

Asanoha, a good second.

Plaid. Mmmmmm yes plaaaaiiiiidddd.


Lily of the valley, sorry for the patriotic sentimentalism (it's the national flower of Finland)(and we have it growing everywhere and it smells SO GOOD when it's in bloom).

Forget-me-not, sorry for the just-in-general sentimentalism.

Kikyo, oh my.

I also have one dyeing- and one weaving preference that immediately add up love points to almost any item:

Shibori, especially in blue!

(My other favourite colours, in order of love, would be red, purple, orange-red and pale orange/yellow.)

Meisen weave. The silk is pre-dyed and then woven, creating those soft and blurry lines. I love it.

So now that they're all lined up, let's see how my kimono wardrobe matches my favourites. I want to keep it simple so I'll only count kimono and obi.


Teal - check
Dark brown - check
Beige - check
Purple/deep violet
Pale lilac
Dark green
Mint green
Sapphire blue - check
Pale yellow - check


Yabane - check
Checker - check
Plaid - check
Lily of the valley


Shibori - check

So 9/18, or 50% by university standards which means... I pass, barely! XD

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