Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lolitas are back! You heard it here first!

First of all - exciting news. Icelandic lolitas have begun to emerge from hibernation. There's been sightings of them already and although few and far between they all come from trustful sources. Rumour has it that they'll be doing their first spring gathering sometime next week in that new bubble tea and pancakes -cafe downtown. I shall be ready with my camera, for however elusive the Icelandic lolitas are as a breed, I figure they can be lured by the same bait as lolitas in general: yummy foods, cute things, cheap shipping and cameras. Three out of four is not a bad loli-luring combo!

To other things then: lookie what I got in the mail. Left to right: a new obiage, a summer juban and the cutest obi ever.

I had to do funny things to this picture in photoediting just to get that kikyo pattern to show.

And here's that obi. Strictly speaking the cherry season is already over but - that's Japan. In Iceland we're just beginning the spring so I'm going to do the unstylish thing and stretch the wearing season of this one, especially if there's going to be any cherry viewing in the botanical garden once the trees are in bloom...

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