Friday, 5 April 2013

More adventures in kimono.

I really have no excuses now. :D But yeah, this is how the thought process went:

- I have that one kimono with unusually long sleeves.
- AFAIK it's not a furisode, but there is a type of a furisode with similar sleeve length.
- My fukuro obi is kind of suitable for that kind of a furisode...
- So hey I could totally dress it up just to see how it would look like? Yeah?

And then this happened.

180° yeaaaaah! I went all out with it!

Mwahaha it's headache -inducingly busy! Now I only hope I had had some really striking black and white patterned fabric for the haneri - it lacks some oomph even though the colours suit the theme.

I'm almost proud of that musubi.

Ahem. This was a fun one to put together and I do love to try my hand at new kinds of musubi, but hheeehh nope I don't think this is quite my style. :D

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