Monday, 22 April 2013

New obi in action, part 2.

Here's that other part I was talking about yesterday. That kimono is fairly thick wool and I had thought I had already retired it for the year... alas, no. On Saturday evening we had a mini snow storm, you can see the remains of it in the background still. It was amazingly cold. I know you're supposed to rather look at the calendar than what the weather is like outside but come on, there's a limit to how much I'm willing to suffer for fashion. ;^;

As you can see just wearing a thick kimono wasn't even enough, I'm wearing two kimono over the juban - you can see the extra collar there between the brown kimono and the polka dot haneri.

A look from the backside again.

But no, an extra layer of kimono wasn't even enough. When I said cold I meant cold for fukken reals. After a couple of photos I ran back indoors and threw the haori on, now less for style and more for comfort.

AHAHAHAHA wtf's up with that glare?

(Sunlight being reflected in my face from the windows, that's what; see that light spot on my cheek.)

Ssssstrike a pose! Vogue!

A detail shot of the front.

The haori wasn't even enough. Nope, this one didn't suffice either but by this time I just called it quits and retired indoors to a cup of coffee and some pleasantly lazy tumblring.

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