Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Same basic items, different accessories.

Going through some old entries made me happen across a meme that I had abandoned halfway. While this is not unusual by any means - any meme to wander to my direction better prepare its heart because I'll dump it before we're even through - one challenge in it caught my eye. Create two completely different looks around the same main items. 

I attempted three and a half but you know, I felt like that old lonely meme deserved at least a pat on the head.


The two main items are a vintage shirt and a selfmade skirt, plus a set of lace tights I may have bought from Gina Tricot if memory serves. The first coord is classic lolita.

Pullover: offbrand
Shoes: Dinsko
Necklace: vintage
Hair accessories: selfmade

Second: mori rori (sry I could NOT stop myself ok).

Lace tunic: selfmade
Shoes: offbrand
Lace collar that's seen in the first photo: vintage
Socks: offbrand
Ring: vintage
Hair accessories: selfmade

Third, and the most ambitious coord: wa-lolita.

Obi: selfmade
Obiage: selfmade
Shoes: offbrand
Hair accessories: selfmade

And then the half coord. It's still the wa-lolita one with some further additions.

Everything's same as in the previous one except

Zori: offbrand
Haori: vintage


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    1. Happy to hear that! I had those fabrics sitting around for ages before I realized what I could use them for. :D