Saturday, 25 May 2013

Busybusybusy - bird cams everywhere!

No seriously how am I supposed to get anything done when there are livestreaming bird cams everywhere! Here's the owl's nest. It has two owlets although yesterday when I took this screen cap one of them had mysteriously disappeared. I think that today it's back in the nest though.

Sad news from the Estonian osprey cam. The couple living here used to have an egg but now it's gone and the ospreys have disappeared as well. I still keep glancing at the nest from time to time though...

Yes of course I'm also oogling puffins! Last year was a total failure with chicks dying in almost every cam nest, and it will take me a while to get over Petey the fluffy puffling. ;^; But fingers crossed for this year! Both cam nests have an egg!

check that you have your towel with you.


  1. Sääksen pesässä on ainakin nyt joku huutelemassa. Ei varmaan uutta munaa tälle kesälle tule :/.

    1. Niinpä, niillä pitäis hautomisen olla jo täydessä käynnissä, jotan voi olla et ne jättää nyt tän vuoden sitten väliin. Mikäköhän tuli, minne se muna katosi (koska kyllä niillä siellä sellainen oli)...

      Onneksi on silti pöllöt. Ja lunnit!