Sunday, 5 May 2013

Eurovision - oh wow it's here again.

This year, tragically, one of my very favourites is Iceland's entry and I won't be able to vote for it. It's not my favourite because I were developing some soft feelings for my new home - those are already well-developed and mixed well with the occasional "why does everyone drive like they're insane!!!?" -feel - but because I very sincerely like the song. It's a plus that I hear they're going to sing it in Icelandic at the competition.

The usual way things are done here is that the song is in Icelandic while in Iceland and gets translated in English for the competition abroad. Alas, because Icelandic is one of those languages that work on nuances it's almost impossible to accurately convey the original feel and meaning of the song in these translations. So what if the rest of the Europe does not understand Icelandic - that's what subtitles are for.

I have many more favourites for the year of course, but now I'm just going to talk about Iceland's songs that have been memorable to me.

Ahahahahaha aaaaah this woman. Everyone loved to hate Silvia Night, I remember that much from back home. What we and much of Europe did not know though was that Silvia Night is a famous comedian in Iceland and we really should have taken her behaviour with way more salt. That booing in the end is because she had put on her comedian routine which includes lots of bragging and putting others down, but if we take her performance out of that context it's actually quite awesome!

But face it, she really did not stand a chance. I will take this space to remind you of who won that year:

I'm still surprised they didn't set the stage on fire, literally I mean. :D

Anyway, on with Iceland: this is one of the cases where I really wished the song had stayed in Icelandic...

I was really rooting for this one too, it's so sweet. :3

Let's now bring out the big guns! You will NOT be prepared for the mullet! Or the shoulder pads! Or the pants! Or the dance moves and the sparkle - once you watch this one you'll not be prepared for anything you're about to see.

The Finnishness in my soul is rejoicing over how depressing this whole video is. Yes. More. Make me feel mildly suicidal by a Eurovision song and I'll remember you fondly for years to come.

Come oooooon you saw this coming - I'm a huge Páll Óskar fan and the combination of Eurovision and him is like ice cream with chocolate sauce and strawberries.

I'm going to end this post with a song that never made its way to the stages in Europe, and what an unfair thing that was. Oh my God this is the best Eurovision song ever written, everyone else can go home forever! Well ok, Hard Rock Hallelujah was the best. But this comes veeeeery very close!

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