Saturday, 4 May 2013

My 1st of May, picnic at home.

A bit late, but here's my 1st of May coord. I promise I'll be taking a break from the wa-stuff SOON, so sorry that there's been a mini flood of the stuff here recently!

A 1st of May picnic is a tradition in Finland but alas, not in Iceland. I've missed it for two years already so this time I decided to change things around: if there is no picnic party I will make myself one! And so I did. It was quite pleasant, the morning was cool and sunny and very calm, occasional seagulls flying around (probably eyeing my foods, those rascals) and the neighbour's cat stopping by.

Here's the foods: chicken-potato-cashew curry with coconut, mini donuts, a melon, apple cider (non-alcoholic: I had an exam right in the following day) and coffee (not in the photo because it would have cooled down before I got through all the above). :D~

That curry actually deserves a photo of its own. This is what my curry tends to look like - a LOT of ingredients, comparatively small amount of sauce. Even if I say so myself it was yuuummyyyy.

(Note the slippers.)

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