Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Classic for a stormy day.

The outfit to go with yesterday's hairstyle.
This is a pretty interesting coord in that it's completely no-brand, if the Dinsko shoes don't count. They're about six years old by now anyway - well, goes to show that Dinsko shoes are value for your money! They're my go-to shoes and have been that ever since I bought them and added the pearls, so they've seen a LOT of use.

Btw thank you Ms Pi for the skirt!


  1. Oih, ihana kuva! Sulle kyllä sopii tuollainen tukka, näytät ihan 1830-luvun muotokuvalta.

    1. Haha, kiits kiits! Varsinkin kun tämä tyyli on suht helppo luoda - tukka letille, letti päänahkaan, valmis! XD