Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I hear you like coords so I put a coord in your coord and then added a coord on top. In other words, whenever I decide to wear lolita outside I'm always a little bit disappointed that I then have to hide the coord under more clothes. At the worst I then have to continue and hide even that coord - and that's when this happens.

Stage one. Note that at this point I was mistakenly thinking it would be sunny outside, but even the short time spent taking this photo proved me wrong in many ways. 

First of all, I needed more clothes, secondly the straw hat had to go. 

Stage two. Hat has been changed which meant that I had to change the boots as well. That cardigan is an almost exact colour match to the pattern of the dress but alas, still not warm enough.

Stage three, adding a coat. Finally good enough to go attend a demonstration.

Here's that hair clip again that I made some days back, perfect match for the day's weather! :D


  1. Loliception: We need to go frillier!

    1. I totally left a reply here, where did it go? D:

      Anyway, it was something about wanting to find that BRRRAOOOUUUMMMMM vid and link it here, nothing important. But now I'm suddenly gripped by the idea of going frillier... and frillier... HMMMMMMMM.