Sunday, 9 June 2013

Some attempts at coordinating the same item differently.

Related to yesterday's entry, here's my attempt at putting together three coords of various levels of formality (although with yukata this will always mean more or less informal).

Juban with a white collar tends to be the more formal choice. When the juban collar is white you should not show much of it, just a tiny slice. White socks are more formal than colourful/lace socks.
I selected a silk nagoya obi for the coord although the obi itself is almost too flashy. :D

Where I would wear this: hmm, a summer open air -theatre/operettas* for example. Anywhere that doesn't require formal dress but where it would still be preferable to show some attempt at looking sharp.

 This coord is already quite a bit less strict. The juban has a showy collar so I'm showing a lot more of it, and the obi is a hemp nagoya. Although you can't see it in the photo my socks are actually light blue lace. Tying the tesaki end into a bow has become a personal favourite recently...

Where I would wear this: to a friend's party! Any occasion where dressing up a little bit shows appreciation but anything formal would look totally out of the place.

The third coord is the most relaxed of them all. No juban (I'm wearing a white top and a long underskirt instead), no socks, geta and a hanhaba obi with an unusual, showy motif.

Where I would wear this: summer festivals (a music festival of a Midsummer Fest for example) or just daily wear. Preferably only during hot weather though. XD

*In Finland summer is the time for lots of amateur theatre shows, usually held outdoors. They can range from classical plays to musicals to operettas to art performances, and are considered very down to earth occasions. No one would wear formal clothes to an open air theatre, but coming in wearing something a bit nicer than just everyday clothes is typical.

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