Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ice cream dress to go eat Valdis ice cream!

First of all a shameless advertising: Valdis ice cream parlour in the harbour downtown sells amazing, self made ice cream. In self made waffle cones. The deliciousness is level crazy - on my first time there we had over 50 people in front of us in the queue and it was a Tuesday night at eleven o'clock...

It's well worth waiting for though, I must say. I can already recommend their pistachio, melon sherbet, mint, chocolate, almond cake and caramel with salted peanuts flavours (I've only gone there twice but I always beg for tasties from friends, so I know this from personal experience oh yeah!)(or you can just ask the staff, they'll let you try the flavours if you're not sure which one you want). Today when we went the queue was less crazy, less than ten people in front of us, but be prepared and don't go there if you're in a hurry.

To find the place, let's imagine you're standing in front of Harpa. You should walk towards Kolaportið and past it, past the library, straight ahead until you begin to see ships. Continue ahead past the sea museum (at this point you might see pastel colour lines painted onto the street, follow them) and when you arrive to a row of shops and restaurants, turn right. You'll see Valdis almost right away.

Ice cream JSK it was for a situation like this, oh yeah. In fact that's a strangely burando outfit for me, let's see:

JSK: EmilyTemple Cute
Shirt: Miho Matsuda
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Dinsko
Hairpieces: selfmade