Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ice cream with a layer of chiffon.

The original plan was to have another try at Medieval lolita but the day turned out to be surprisingly sunny and warm and in the end this was all the layering I could stand. It's crazy, first we get half a summer of autumn and then a sudden heatwave - wtf Iceland?

A twirling photo because twirling is fun. :3

Close-up of the front.

Outfit rundown:

JSK: Emily Temple Cute
Overdress: selfmade
Belt: lol VM Beth (I stole it from another dress of mine)
Everything else: offbrand.

I'm slowly unraveling from this do at the moment. This is actually one of my favourite moments of wearing lolita, when it's time to take it off. Off comes the dress and the make-up, hair's let down, it feels so cooling and fresh after all those layers of dress. I do love wearing frills, oh and I love it dearly - but somehow I always end up lounging around half-clad afterwards, enjoying my newly found freedom. :D


  1. Chiffon chiffon chiffon <3.
    Very nice, summery coord!

    1. Thank you! Light fabrics in light colours with lots of see-through layers, I have a seriously soft spot for coords like that on other lolitas so of course I get my copycat mode on~ :3