Monday, 29 July 2013

The July meet-up in Tíu Dropar.

A meet-up happened! This is what I wore - the day was super hot and sunny, I know, weird isn't it. It meant that I better cover my head and the rest of myself as well because I burn in the sun so fast that it's almost funny. But no real complaints, thin cotton is a wonderful invention and I've been looking forward to weather like this for ages!

The meet-up was not purely a lolita one, mind, rather it was a good selection of various J-styles.

Miss Anna G, if that skirt looks familiar it may be because it's by shamp of Enfant Terrible - you may have seen either her or me wear it before. I loved what she did with it!

Mimii, we were the Bodyline sisters this meet-up. At first I thought we both merely had the OP and shoes by Bodyline but when I got home I realized that I also had one headpiece that's by them - a rose clip that originally came with a pair of boots but which I almost immediately removed and have since used for other purposes. :D

From now on I'm afraid I didn't catch the names of people - and those that I did I forgot! This girl was our wonderful German addition, really sweet and cute. Plus she has that magic touch with black lipstick on doing it right!

Also mild jealousy for that handbag. Want.

Hello new friend, I'd like to let you know that hat is epic. Plus I hope you're feeling better!

Also halp, who are you another new friend? (Loving that dress.)

Another Miss A, sorry if the initials are getting pretentious-sounding but I don't like to use people's names without asking them first. The funny thing is that we've actually met several times before on the bus to the uni, and I've often noted her for her coat (more jealousy)(I'm a coat fiend). However, this is the first time we found out we share the same fashion interest. :D

Miss F, looking depressingly perfect as always. Effortlessly too, I might add. D:

Marty was there too! We hadn't seen in ages so we took quite a long time catching up on things. 

The usual suspects all in one photo. Very metal and then there's that pastel blue derp in the side.