Saturday, 31 August 2013

Goodbye summer!

Lord: it is time. The huge summer has gone by.
Now overlap the sundials with your shadows,
and on the meadows let the wind go free. 

Command the fruits to swell on tree and vine;
grant them a few more warm transparent days,
urge them on to fulfillment then, and press
the final sweetness into the heavy wine. 

Whoever has no house now, will never have one.
Whoever is alone will stay alone,
will sit, read, write long letters through the evening,
and wander the boulevards, up and down,
restlessly, while the dry leaves are blowing.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I guess I'll just have to admit to myself that the summer is over before we even had any, boo hiss. The ground has been frosty once already in the morning, the autumn rains are here, evenings bring out mists when the air cools rapidly after the sundown, and now as a cherry on top we had our first storm yesterday. No bad property damage anywhere aside of one tree falling down on Lækjargata and some roofs peeling a bit + rubbish everywhere. I'm bringing out my awase kimono little by little and although I'm still holding onto a slice of hope that we might yet have one more warm day, I guess it's time to pack away everything ro. And maybe the thinnest of the yukatas too. Ok I'm really sounding desperate now am I not. 

Sorry about the over the top photoediting, the original photos were so dark I had to level and curve them until they shone like very shiny shiny photos.

Now let's see... today looks to be sunny, which is wonderful although upon opening the window I was greeted by air so cold it felt like being randomly dipped into a lake. I suppose it's also time to pack away the lightest cotton dresses that I have and bring out the wool and knits. Despite my initial disappointment over a non-summer summer I'm actually looking forward to this change in my wardrobe. Soon there'll be more coldness, more morning frosts, breath steaming, rain rain rain and rain, a week of brilliant colours before the leaves all fall off as if in unison... and tea, sweaters, walking through puddles with rubber boots, an interesting class in saga heroes and old Norse gods, mulled wine and books (I hardly ever get any decent reading done during the summer). Autumn's not too bad after all.

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